ContagiousLA’s Andrew Renzi makes his spot debut with a City of Hope project created via IW Group and produced by ContagiousLA. In addition to filming “Above and Beyond,” done in Mandarin with English subtitles, Renzi also directed “Half Man, Half Baby,” an English-language spot. Both focus on Alex Tung, who survived a rare form of Leukemia thanks to an umbilical cord stem cell transplant – a procedure offered at City of Hope.
Since losing his father to cancer in 2008, Renzi stated, “This was an ideal situation as a first spot project. Obviously, I don’t have to connect so personally with every assignment, but I was incredibly moved by Alex’s story and the progress that’s been made in the several years since I lost my father to the same illness.” Tung, who was able to share a bond with the director through their experience with cancer, spoke highly of Renzi, “Andrew and his crew treated my mom and I with such professionalism.” Tung recalled, “He made me feel completely at home. It was an honor to work with such a talented director.”
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